First Class Hospitality at IADCC


One of the most important hallmarks of any top-rated hotel or restaurant is first-class customer service and a memorable experience. Independent Adult Day Care Centers is committed to providing the finest care for our Guests that mimics the level of service provided by the highest-ranking hotels and restaurants in the country. IADCC’s mission is to be devoted to maximizing the quality of life for our Guests by providing medical and personalized care in a safe and home-like environment. We operate state-of-the-art facilities with highly qualified staff to ensure our Guests are receiving the highest quality service, which also includes transportation, daily meals, and medical services. It is this “one stop shop” environment that aids in making sure that Caregivers are confident that they are leaving their loved ones in good hands.

When we provide the best in customer service, the one thing we pride ourselves on is making sure that every Guest’s needs are met. If we are unable to provide a service, we will do our very best to find a place or person that can. Our current offerings include spa and bathing, hair and nail care for men and women, Healthcare Coordination, Home Delivered Meals, transportation to medical appointments and more. It is our goal to provide as many high-quality services as possible at our Centers, however, we are aware that we are unable to provide everything. In knowing this, we have developed amazing relationships with providers in our surrounding communities.

Our Guest-centered, holistic approach is the basis for providing our optimum level of care. Just like hospitality services, our Guests come first and everything we do centers around that. As we begin this journey, we are excited to see the positive impact of our services, not only for our Guests and caregivers, but for the surrounding communities that we have come to serve.