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Program of Activities

STANDARDS drive the Lifestyle Enrichment program to purposefully engage guests with meaningful opportunities to enhance quality of life through a variety of creative programs, which supports Person Centered Care and the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.


The Why

Staying active fosters a sense of wellbeing, connectedness, and promotes meaning and joy.  This allows our programs to encourage guests to live fuller lives filled with purpose.

Person-Centered Care

With empathy, compassion, humility and love, our programs are hosted in small and large group settings, as well as, individualized 1:1 interaction.  It is based on the interests and abilities of each person.  Our center's program of activities are developed and continually modified to meet the interests of our guests. 

Concurrent Activities

The design of the program allows for activities to occur simultaneously.  The monthly HIGHLIGHTS calendar reflects weekly or daily themes, which adds variety to the established activities that are provided each day.  When you enter our centers, you will see three to five different activities held in separate locations provided at each hour.  You will see guests engaged in self-initiated stations with a Montessori, no fail concept.  You will also see guests empowered to support one another by leading an activity, club, or providing input to the center’s happenings.  Each guest has a meaningful purpose that meets their life roles and preferences. 

Check out the Highlights Monthly Calendar and Standards, below.


Click any activities calendar to download in PDF format.